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As soon as you realize that the car you own will no longer be as good as it used to be. There are a number of things that you can still do to make the most of it. Because, let’s face it, an automobile even if in its worst shape, has the potential to pay you big.
Wrecko car removals in Perth take all your old, junk and unwanted in exchange for top cash. Whenever you decide to sell your car to a wrecker company, make sure that you find the most reliable one. While looking for the junk car removal experts, you will come across a number of potential buyers. Always make a deal with the one that offers maximum cash and other benefits.

It is also very important for you to have the basic knowledge of your vehicle. Or even if you do not know about the car that you are selling, our team helps you. Call Wrecko car removals for immediate assistance. One of our specialists will help you learn all about your car. And let you know the actual worth of it after considering some of the basic factors. For example, whenever you sign up for an evaluation of an old car we require the following details.

  • The brand of your car
  • The type and model of your car
  • Its overall condition
  • Mileage on your car

Keeping all these in mind, the Wrecko car evaluation experts determine the actual worth of your car. And propose the highest possible cash offer. We leave the decision entirely up to you. Whether you decide to sell the car for scrap or want to repair it. We suggest all the suitable options and proceed as you direct.


As soon as you agree to our cash for car deal, we schedule a day most convenient to you for the car removal. Our team arrives at your location on the same day without making you wait unnecessarily. Wrecko has easy access to all location in Perth. This is because of our extensive network of wrecker yards in all the suburbs of Perth.
The experts at Wrecko let you sit back and take care of all the work. Right from the evaluation of your car, to its removal to its dismantling and recycling, we watch all procedures. The first thing we do after reaching your premise for the car removal is cash payment. We make no delay in paying you the full worth of your car. What makes our services better than the rest is our zero hidden fees. Whether it is the towing of your car or its evaluation. We have no additional charges for any of it.


Wrecko has a great deal of expertise in dealing with all kinds of heavy-duty, medium-duty and other light vehicles. We bring all Japanese, Korean, German, American, Russian, Indian and European car brands to our yards.
All the leading car brands are popular at Wrecko auto wrecker yards as well. We have dealt in each one of the following

  • KIA
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Suzuki
  • Holden
  • Subaru
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • Renault
  • Audi
  • Western Star
  • Mack
  • Freightliner
  • Jaguar
  • Volvo
  • Ford
  • Volkswagen
  • Jeep

Wrecko guarantees you the most convenient car removals Perth has to offer. Your location or the condition of the car are not much of a concern to us. We pay you instant cash right on the spot for all cars that you no longer need. Even if you have your car stranded somewhere at a remote site. Wrecko makes special arrangement for car removal within the same day.
The excellent car removal service in Perth at Wrecko comes with lots of other services

Highest Paying Cash Deals

Wrecko happens to be one of the very few car removals in Perth that offer cash up to $12,999. Even if your car is junk, scrap, old, used, crashed or fully wrecked. We have best cash deals in all of Perth. And we make it our foremost priority to pay you instantly.
Even if we have to make a bank transfer, we do it so you receive it before your car reaches our yard.

Active and Friendly Customer Care

Our active and promptly responding customer support staff gives you immediate assistance. We respond to all your queries and auto-related concerns with most suited solutions. The experts in our yard offer car repairs and car wrecking services.

Expert Car Dismantling and Eco-friendly Recycling

As soon as we bring a car to our yard, we thoroughly assess it. If we conclude that it cannot be fixed with repairs, we dismantle it for recycling. The specialists in our yard make sure to, first, drain all the residual fluid safely. Next, they disassemble the car and separate the parts that are still reusable. Without thinking twice, they discard all the damaged parts.
All the damaged car parts are sorted into different piles of plastic, rubber and metal. All of which are later recycled along with metal car body.
The reusable car parts go in our collection of genuine car spare parts.

Used Car Spare Parts at Affordable Price

The used car parts in our yard are a very cost-effective solution for repurposing other cars. We sell all the genuine spare parts at a very reasonable rate compared to their market value. The cheap car parts in our yard are just as good as their new equivalents in the market.
We only put these in our collection after running numerous tests to ensure their quality. The experts at Wrecko also file detailed reports for all the parts that we have in our collection. You can browse through our collection on your own or take assistance of our experts.